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Our organization offers about 50 Interest Groups that meet regularly, most in person and a few on Zoom. Some groups regularly invite partners and guests. 

Scheduled activities appear in our Events Calendar, a hub of our club life. For privacy reasons, most of its contents are password-protected, visible only to members.

Note to prospective members: Browse the groups below. Do any catch your eye? Join now if you're ready to become involved, or email our membership director for more information.


CLICK HERE for a master grid of Interest Groups,  including regular scheduling, group leaders, contact info, and more.

CLICK HERE for our Events Calendar, containing details about gatherings planned by our Groups.

Birthday gathering


  • All-Member Events: These gatherings provide a chance to meet new friends and reconnect with others. They usually include lunch.
    2nd Wednesdays in March, June, September, and December

  • Birthday Gals: Meets four times a year in a member's home to enjoy cake, bubbly, and celebrating with friends.

  • Come As You Are & Chat: Members can drop in on Zoom to say hello and check in with one another.  A one-hour timeframe supports communication without interruption.
    Every Tuesday 

five members with coffee


For new members, these monthly Come for Coffee gatherings are a fun and casual way to meet others. Longtime members provide a warm welcome and have an opportunity to reconnect. Five groups gather in person (current COVID conditions allowing) at coffee spots, drawing mostly members who live in the vicinity. A fifth group makes its permanent home on ZOOM. 

  • Eastside (Kirkland)
    4th Thursdays 
  • North End (Edmonds)

     4th Thursdays

  • Southwest and South End (West Seattle):
    4th Mondays

  • Westside
    4th Mondays


  • Eastside Happy Hour: Gathering at a local watering hole in Kirkland
    1st Mondays
  • Epicureans: Lunch at a restaurant or member's home
    Last Fridays

  • Evening Gourmet: Dinner at a restaurant or member's home; partners/guests welcome. 2nd Saturdays

  • Fine Dining: Opportunities to sample cuisine by some of the region's top chefs

  • Inquisitive Sippers: Tasting sessions of wine or spirits, paired with a bit of education; partners/guests welcome. Meets quarterly.

  • Lunch Bunch: Lunch at a restaurant 
    2nd Wednesdays (except September, December, March and June, when we have All-Member Meetings)
  • Pub Crawl: Despite the name, members meet at one pub for drinks followed by dinner; partners/guests welcome
    st Sundays

  • Seattle Happy Hour: Gathering at a local watering hole; partners/guests welcome.

     2nd Mondays

Note: Three other groups – Happy Cookers, Petit Gourmet, and The Cookbook Group – are at capacity and are not currently open to other members. 

club rafting trip


  • Around the Sound: Members initiate fun and varied activities with the support of our Around the Sound advisors. Examples:  sailing on Puget Sound, a zoo visit, annual party , Food Lifeline volunteer project, theater performances, beach picnic potluck. The options are board and varied. Events usually take place on weekends or in the evening, and guests are always welcome. Plan to meet monthly.

  • Bird Nerds: A fun, caring, passionate, adventurous and sometimes wacky group of people who love birds.
    Meets monthly or semi-monthly, rain or shine. Dates and times vary to correspond with peak bird events.

  • Curious Minds: This group is made up of women dedicated to lifelong learning. Group members brainstorm ideas for outings then sign up to plan events. 

  • Engage for Change: The group's vision is to provide service and support to charitable or nonprofit organizations in the region, with the belief that "Together, we can make a difference." Group members brainstorm ideas for events and then sign up to coordinate. 

  • Get Fit & Hike:  Group members lead outings of varying length and difficulty. Destinations are normally within a 1.5-hour drive of Seattle. Usually meets about once a month
  • History Walks:  We form friendships while exploring the Seattle region and learning about its past. Group members plan to meet once per quarter (minimum) or every other month and take turns hosting the walks.
  • Out & About: Members initiate fun and varied activities with the support of our Out & About adviser. Examples:  a wine-tasting, a theater performance, or a game of miniature golf. The options are limitless.
    No regular time or place!


  • All Things French:  This group of Francophiles gathers once a month for a French-themed meal or program. 
    3rd Wednesdays

  • Arts & Crafts: Members visit museums, buy project supplies and meet in person (usually outdoors) or on Zoom to create together.
    1st and 3rd Mondays 

  • Knitting Circle: Needles click as members chat
    2nd Mondays (in person)
    4th Mondays (Zoom)

  • Living on the Hedge (Gardening): Field trips and hands-on events. All are welcome; no need to have a garden.
    2nd Fridays
  • Writing Buddies: Writing Buddies is a diverse group of writers that meets monthly in search of motivation and accountability, a boost in creativity, help with writing craft, and overall support and camaraderie. We share feedback on short submissions as requested.  3rd Thursdays

Book club gathering


We have eight book groups of 8 to 15 members each. Some read general fiction, some mysteries, and one, nonfiction. Where and how they meet is in flux; some are on Zoom, others meet in a member's home, others meet at cafes. As existing groups reach full capacity, new groups form.

  • Forever Zoom Book Group:
    4th Wednesdays
  • Sunday Whodunnit Book Group:
    3rd Sundays

Note:  Six other book groups are at capacity and not currently open to new members. Members are encouraged to start new book groups; our Vice President can provide a hand.

Members: Click to view Reading Lists

club golfers


  • Bridge: Group members play at various locations  
    2nd Tuesdays and 4th Thursdays
  • Bunco & Bites: Meets quarterly at a member's home. Partners and guests and invited.

  • Euchre:  Partners and guests are welcome to this lively game night in a member's home.
    3rd Saturdays (with some variations)

  • Golf:  Group members communicate with one another to set up golf dates

  • Mah Jongg (Eastside)
    1st and 3rd Fridays

Note:  Two other Mah Jongg groups  and Scrabble group are at capacity and not currently open to new members. Members are encouraged to start new groups; our Vice President can provide a hand.


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